Nancy Arruda Astrologer

Nancy Arruda Astrologer & Psychic

Nancy is a highly gifted Psychic and Astrologer who has the ability to tap into universal consciousness to find the Nancy Arruda June 2016answers to your most pressing questions.  Being born with psychic gifts, from a lineage of “Psychic Knower’s”,  she did not awaken to understanding her abilities as being ‘different’ than most people, she just assumed everyone knew things.   She has a unique and diverse background as a metaphysical practitioner and teacher since her awakening experience in 1995.  Being fully active in the metaphysical community from Toronto to north of Barrie.

She is a profiled Astrologer in the book Psychic’s and Mediums in Canada.  Is a regular guest on TV and Radio shows.  And is available at Earth and Sky Connection on Thursdays from 11 am to 6:30 and sometimes weekends offering a variety of Astrological consultations.

You can walk in and receive a 30 minute Horary  reading which will answer up to two questions that you may have.  Or walk in for an astrological spiritual consultation into understand what is transpiring in life and how best to handle the energy. Horary Chart Up to two questions 30 minutes for $60.  up to three questions 45 minutes for  $90,  or up to four questions or an hour for $120

With your natal information Nancy can do the below sessions

Natal readings includes evolutionary chart 30 minutes for $60,  45 minutes for $90 or an hour for $120

Natal & Solar Return Charts. 30 minutes for $60.  45 minutes for  $90 or an hour for $120

Your annual (Solar Return) astrological predication is also available by advanced appointment.

15 Minute Sessions $30

Half Hour Sessions $60

45 Minute Session $90

Hour Long Session $120 

Hour and Half $180

One and a Half hour prepared Astrological Consultation for First time clients.

In this reading Nancy will give you a synopsis of your life purpose, who you are, how your relate to others and the world.  She will incorporate your birth (Natal) chart, your chart of current evolution (Progressed Chart) and align it with a one year forecast (transit chart).  This information gives you understanding into who you are and who you are not as well as a full year of predictions.

Information is required at least one week prior to appointment.

Required information :

  • Name as you would like it to appear on your chart.
  • Date of birth including year.
  • Time of birth. Please state, AM or PM, If time is exact, approximate or unknown.
  • Town and Country of Birth. Please included closest major town / city if you are born in a small town.
  • Town and county of current residence.
  • OPTIONAL, If you have a focus of what you would like your reading on, let me know. Examples are; Relationship, career, finances, home, health, education, other specific areas of life or everything!

Nancy offers a variety of astrological consultations…

Natal or Birth Chart… An interpretation of the energy that you were born with in every area of life, such as… The self, personal values and beliefs, finances, home, relationships, creativity, health, work, career, spirituality, past lives and Karma.

Progressed Chart…This is your personal evolutionary chart that is used in conjunction with the natal chart to depict what is transpiring at your current age and current location of residence.

Transit Chart… This is where the planets are in the sky today and this is used in conjunction with your Natal and Progressed chart to create your forecasted predictions.

Solar Return Chart… Happy Birthday!  This is the chart that is used to predict the ‘big picture’ work you are doing for your personal new year.

Compatibility Reading…Understand how compatible you are with another person. This can be done in any type of relationship, from understanding your potential partner to your children or employer!

Horary  Charts… Have a question or two?  It is answered with a Horary reading.