May 18-26-16 Psychic Prediction

Weekly Psychic Prediction
May 18-26-16
Seer Tamare White-Wolf

May 18-26-16 Psychic Prediction
imageLove-Singles searching for love will feel a connection with someone that will strike them to the core! The celestial lover you have been dreaming about is entering the stage, now it’s up to to make your feelings known! Don’t be shy or disassociated or you may miss this chance n will have to work alittle harder in the coming weeks!
Those already matched up will have a very romantic n loving week! Those separating or already engaging in divorce will have a moment of relief when the fight shifts to cooperation! Overall this will be a very good week for love n loving energy, enjoy it!

imageHealth-it will feel like you have stirred up a bees hive with lots of activity pulling you away from your perceived health regimen! If your willing to alter your view you will see that those things encroaching on your personal health schedule may also be health related activity! So go with it, as long as you keep moving your doing well!
A little concern about your food intake will make you hanker down to a more ridge plan! Part of the issue is time management causing stress, eating on the run or eating out, the other is deep emotional discomfort!
You really need to distance yourself from things that disturb your flow! People n things that keep you from forging ahead with your plans. Sort out the absolutes, life n death issues should be the only thing you allow any distraction from and everything else can wait till your done looking after you n your health.
imageBusiness-as much as you respect and or love your work, it is not all there is to life! You have a lot going on as far as irons in the fire however pace those brain drains adding in self care n fun with friends as a stress relief! You may have to cancel extreme plans such as a vacation due to cash flow which may upset the cart to some degree with those awaiting you to join them, but do as you must! Instead of leaving home in order to get some R n R stay close to work in order to stay on top of those duties but really enjoy the after hours around your home n more importantly the backyard n porch!
Working around the house will be a priority too as gardens beckon you to get your hands n knees earth dirty! It won’t seem like work thou as it will be a labor of love you will feel revived n renewed just being one with nature n accomplishing needed n worthy tasks on the home front! Breathe n smell the roses… Spring n summer time is short, taking time to enjoy a early morning coffee at home on the porch will only add to your optimization of thought n problem solving skills! Be one with yourself this week, loving life all around!

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