May 17-24-15 Predictions

May 17-24-15 Predictions

Psychic Seer Tamare White-Wolf

Tarot of The New Vision ~ Created by Pietro Alligo, Gianluca Cestaro
A Traditional Tarot Deck – 78 Cards – Lo Scarabeo 2003 Review by Solandia

Have you ever wondered what the Magician was looking at? What was behind the High Priestess? What the Kings and Queens were contemplating? Most tarot enthusiasts are familiar with Pamela Colman-Smith’s drawings used for the Rider-Waite deck, and this tarot turns the original drawings around 180 degrees and looks at them from a completely new perspective.

Look carefully below you will see what we mean for more details regarding this deck check the Review link above! We do however have a new shipment in for those interested in purchasing them!

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