Making Magic with Tamare White-Wolf

Making Magic

With Tamare White-Wolf

Tamare is a psychic seer of many practices, Ordained Minister, Esoteric Teacher, Shaman Spiritualist & Healer, she is the creator of both Earth and Sky Connection stores.

Here are details about Tamare and the wonderful services she offers.

“In 1989, I began integrating, practicing and sharing what I learned about Shamanic & Pagan traditions, the Medicine Way & the Mystical Lessons of Mary Magdalena, found in the Journey of the Tarot! I believe my destiny is to share this knowledge whenever called through Teaching, Healing, Art & Music!”

Her Talk

Have you ever wondered why your magic didn’t happen? Have you ever thought pfttt… I’m not magical. How about when you’ve done an enchanted spell and still… nothing, what the heck?? Do you find yourself stuck thinking magic isn’t real because of it? If so, this is definitely a talk you’ll want to hear. If you have felt stuck in old patterns, a lonely lifestyle, or a simple and humble position, I guarantee you’re standing in your own way and stinky thinking. Magic is as much a mindset as it is a good choice of words in your spell creations. Magic is fueled by envisioning the desired outcome and holding on to that vision no matter whoever or whatever tries to influence you to let go of your high ideals.

Have you ever wondered how someone as simple as Jim Carey or Godan Lightfoot or Cher or Whoopie Goldberg has made it to the top? Honestly, how do you think they made it?

In case you didn’t know, Tamare grew up impoverished, in a single parent family with her mom and two sisters, they lived in housing and for Christmas they often had star-boxes given to them by the red cross. Don’t get me wrong, she loved her life, loves her family, and respects her mom for all her hard work. One things for sure; Tamare’s mom taught them to believe in themselves and their dreams. Tamare will share with you how magic happens and how it continues to effect your life

Saturday, July 21st @ noon (12).