Healers and Light Workers Optimization

Healers and Light Workers Optimization

with Lori Bertoni

If you’ve ever wondered how other healers and light workers seem to have a stronger gift than you or how to enhance your gifts as a healer or light worker but aren’t sure exactly how this demo is for you!

The Quantum change process is a healing and forgiveness modality that clears old wounds and hurts from our past that are stuck in our unconscious.

Your pain is your purpose! Lori Bertoni is going to demo how unresolved pain, old hurts, negative emotions and limiting beliefs weakens our body energetically, affecting our health, our relationships, our finances and our careers or business.


What if you could clear, amplify and optimize your energy and gifts to be able to attract and help more people.

Imagine living your life purposefully, making more money and feeling more confident in yourself and your gifts.

Friday & Sunday @ 3pm in the tent