Learn to Poi – Poi Fundamentals Sarah @Paganfest 2019

Introduction to Flow Arts with Sarah @Paganfest

This workshop is designed to give a wide understanding of what flow/the flow arts is and how it can be incorporated into life to have a broader understanding of one’s body and movement. We will be working specifically with the prop called “poi” for demonstration purposes and to gain an understanding of basic mechanics that go into flow.

Poi Fundamentals is a beginner workshop for those with no experience with poi. We will go over basic concepts such as timing, direction, planes, and some beginner tricks that can be reached with a bit of practice. Sock poi will be available for use for workshop purposes and can be sold at $10.00 a pair for those interested in continuing their practice.

Private Lessons available for reasonable rates. Please Contact Sarah for more information.

Sarah Fellows



This workshop will take place Thursday and Friday @5:30 in the Park 

Sarah will also be performing Saturday and Sunday @9pm in the Park!