The Journey to Wicca

The Journey to Wicca

Kim James:

Priestess of the Horned Moon clan. British traditional witch. Practices Wicca.





Tracey Demaline:

Wiccan High Priest practicing the “British Traditional Wicca”. Also trained in both Alexandrian and Gardnerian.




With Kim and Tracy

Much of our society has been raised in a christian tradition, so many of us have found ourselves disenchanted with those ways for kim and tracey wiccawhatever reason. In our journeys to find spiritual connection, many of us have found various Pagan traditions. After sourcing and researching Pagan ways, a large number of Pagans have found Wiccan practices. Surprisingly, Wicca is not worshiped in one way. There are a number of Wiccan ways that need discussion. Hopefully this workshop will have you recognizing your own journey towards Wiccan faith, as you’ll have an opportunity to discuss the various Wiccan ways with Tracy and Kim James (first year initiate). They will share their personal journey to the Wiccan ways that they honor, celebrate, and worship.

Please join them at the main fire pit if you would like to make a conscious decision about which witch way is for you.

Friday in the Main Fire Pit, at noon.