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A childhood love of music and writing started Canadian indie artist Joani Paige on her  journey.  Her first bands Slack Alice and The Freeway Jam Band were hard rock.  From there she has ventured into blues, funk,  psychadelic, a rock opera all melding into her unique sound.  From the ghostly celtic feel of Ancient Call,  to the battered acoustic edge on Light in You,  The Cigarette Song a song of the fringe, the Mediterranean groove on As Lovers Do , to spoken word over synthesized sound,  Joani ‘s influences come out in passionate songwriting and performances.

Joani presently divides her time between London and Toronto Ontario.  When not writing, recording or performing she writes fiction and does some indie theatre and teaching (music and workshops).

“…. A whiskey huskey with a big city muse….”  Joanne Light

“…late Led Zeppelin sound, airy and dreamy, conjures up mystic images of long ago..” Zoetrope Studios

“…I just found Lost in Paradise and I am trembling…” TCasey Brennan

“….being interveiwed on Nik Beat’s Howl ….. he played one of her songs and I was mesmerized..” Max Layton


Too Many Toys

Music Box

The EP 2015

Nik Beat ..When You Awake from the Dream of Me”   (2 tracks)



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