Jeremiah Hill


Jeremiah Hill


Jeremiah Hill is a local folk-rock singer-songwriter, performing solo shows with just an acoustic guitar. He renders a wide variety of covers in his own unique, mellow style, featuring oldies, 90s alternative, modern folk-rock, a bit of country, and even the occasional show tune thrown in for good measure.

Jeremiah Hill found his musical voice unexpectedly on the banks of the Ganges in the Himalayan foothills of Rishikesh, India in 2005. Playing alongside fellow travelers and expats, he found inspiration in the musical echo of the abandoned ashram where The Beatles came to study meditation and write the White Album in the late 60s.

A wanderer at heart, he has traveled extensively around Asia, living and travelling in such varied countries as Thailand, Japan, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Burma, and Nepal. His trips to India have totalled over a year and covered most of that country’s key points of interest.jerimiah-hill-1


He also spent 4.5 years in and around Seoul, South Korea where a tiny bachelor apartment with no English-speaking neighbours afforded him the freedom to bang out some chords on a $50 guitar without fear of comprehensible noise complaints. He went on to perform extensively at a local ex-pat open mic in 2006-7, as well as performing extensively to over 12,000 Korean kids while working as a musical ‘edutainer’ an English Language camp contracted to the local public school board in a suburb of Seoul.

After a long hiatus from music to pursue other creative avenues, he began performing again in the spring of 2015.

He is also a photographer, filmmaker (Film Degree, York University, 2002), poet and writer who has dabbled in painting and some occasional acting.

Born in the hills of Medonte, he was raised in Moonstone and Orillia, Ontario. Currently, he is splitting his time between the Midland/Barrie/Orillia area and Toronto. You can catch him performing at various venues in any of these places, or on facebook and YouTube:

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He can also often be found busking in various towns and farmer’s markets around the area.

May 26 8PM  @ the Stage



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