The Fire Dance : Ishokde-Zhigaawin

J. Andrew Baker Fire Dancing in Barrie

The Fire Dance : Ishokde-Zhigaawin

Fire Dance, Fire Poi (commonly known as firedancing or spinning) is a comtemporary of the traditional Poi dancing of the Polynesian people of New Zealand: the MAori. It is a ceremony of fire, a prayer and meditation. J. Andrew Baker has performed the dance throughout Canada and the USA at Pow Wows, Spiritual Gatherings, and Community Festivals.

J. Andrew Baker fire dance in Wahta Mohawk Territory
With all Fire festivals which is exactly what Beltaine is we have dancing for you our home boy and Tamare’s spirit son! He has been firedancing at our festivals for years, see him enjoy the connection with the fire spirits at all of the The Paganfest Series ~

Friday, July 20th @ 2pm