Feb 28, 2017 Prediction

Today’s #Psychic #Prediction Feb 28, 2017 

Ace of Swords (Gods of Air) IMG_1091
A time to cut through all the obstacles, all the chatter, all issues with spirit offering an opportunity to achieve those high ideals and lofty ideas.
It may require carving out the unworthy, the mediocre and reaching higher on all levels! You may find an air sign #Aquarius, #Gemini or #Libra person being your champion as you seem to draw into your circle exactly what is needed to support spirits gift and hand up to throne you weren’t meant to sit upon! IMG_1090
Don’t think you will always be seated thou because with the energy availability here you with be put to task as action often accompanies such high thinking.
You may also experience some of the harder aspects of this card through endings of what doesn’t serve your highest good in order to make room for what is right and true to your path!
Say goodbye to chaos and disorder, to people that have cramped your style, to old habits, and circumstances that are out dated or draining your creativity in leu of what is naturally presenting itself and directly interrelated, to the end game!
It will be easy to see the path unfold before you if you literally allow for the hand of spirit to guide you to exactly the right place at the right time!
Once the old aspects have been pruned away the path will be as clear as a blue sky on a breathe of fresh air day! You are chosen by spirit and honoured with reward for all your intensely passionate time spent thinking, analyzing and staying the course! What a great day ahead, enjoy it!