Wendy Rule’s “Persephone” Workshop @Paganfest 2019

Featured Workshop: Wendy Rule’s Persephone

For more than two decades Wendy Rule has followed the path of Witchcraft – an ever evolving spiritual tradition that honours the cycles of Nature and the magical interconnections of all Life. Wendy’s spiritual path is inseparable from her music – they are two sides of the same coin, each informing and enhancing the other.

We are so excited to welcome you to join Wendy this summer at Paganfest as she explores the central themes of one of Western Culture’s most important and well known myths – the Ancient Greek story of the descent into the Underworld of the maiden goddess Persephone, and the subsequent grief of her mother Demeter, the goddess of the grain. In sacred ritual space, Wendy will use songs from her new double album ‘Persephone’, as well as anecdotal stories about Wendy’s own experiences from her ongoing travels to the sacred sites in Greece associated with the myth of Persephone to unveil some of the most vital aspects of this complex and transformative story. This is an intimate and focused workshop, where attendees will have the opportunity to gain a much deeper and more personal understanding of Greek mythology, and specifically the trials and experiences of Persephone and how you can use this knowledge to further yourself spiritually.

“My music comes from my soul, and my performances are really part of my spiritual journey. I love to make a strong connection with the audience, being open with my emotions and sharing the stories behind the songs. I believe that I am always co-creating each concert with the audience. What I give out is reflected back, creating a circle of energy. I like to create a beautiful space with incense, candles and backdrops, and consciously create a magical environment…” – Wendy Rule

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Contact Wendy:
EMAIL: [email protected]
WEBSITE: www.wendyrule.com
FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/wendyrulemusic
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This workshop will take place around 4pm on Saturday, July 20th.