Earth and Sky Connection Learning Center

Earth and Sky Connection Learning Center


Many already know this…We are selling the property out where our witchy shoppe, gardens and festivals are held, it may take awhile to find a good fit, many of my friends live here too. This is an amazing piece of the earth and I’ve loved every opportunity spirit has given me on this sacred land. I’m being directed back to Earth and Sky Connection downtown Barrie so you will see much more of me (having some time off has been awesome). 

In case you didn’t know spirit would have me Tamare White-Wolf back @ the downtown Earth and Sky Connection,  Mondays, Fridays n Saturdays    as well as a few hours Tuesday n Wednesday from time to time! Skylar Pink is also still available 4 days a week.  We are making some awesome changes for September …  some are happening now. 

We are creating a classroom/workshop, rental space, chapel for weddings , elopements, yoga, meditation, crafting  and at this location as we get ready for the transition, once its sold. If you need something from this shoppe please contact us and we will try to help you if we are there.

Earth and Sky Connection has some fantastic surprises we will let you in on when the time is right….But let me say this,  we will be staying as a            permanent fixture in the downtown Barrie core  

Here is a VIDEO of the land and buildings. Please help me with the sharing. Paganfest 2020 can be relocated for next year, if need be, not to worry! We will let you know if we need to move it!  In the meantime please come see me Tamare White-Wolf at our downtown location, or register for one of the coming workshops, or call if you need some  Meta-Physical Resources 705-739-0171

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