Differences between Celtic and Usui Reiki

Differences between Celtic and Usui Reiki

Faye Boyd has been a practioner of Usui Reiki since 2000 and in 2007 added Celtic Reiki to her practice. During that time many folks have asked so what is the difference. Join her at Paganfest to find out exactly what the difference is.

Celtic reiki utilizes the energy flows present on Earth and specific plants.  Practitioners of this reiki use not only the universal “life force” energy present in all things but also the specific energy found in nature to heal those who needs healing.

This reiki system comes from the religious beliefs of early Celts. To the early Celts, trees are important aspects of their religion believing that trees have their own spirits. They gave the trees such high regards that they even patterned their writing system based on the trees.

The Celts’ Ogham, which is the ancient writing of Celtic people, uses symbols or letters that are cut as a series of notches and symbolizes different kinds of trees. Each letter represents a different kind of tree, specifically chosen for qualities that can be linked to spiritual concepts.

Some of the trees that are represented in the Celtic alphabet include the silver fir, birch, hawthorn, heather, ash, oak, willow, elder, yew, grove, ivy, hazel, and honeysuckle. Practitioners of Celtic Reiki use the symbols from the Ogham.  This reiki also follows the Celtic philosophy of bravery, honor, integrity, valor and reverence.

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Faye Boyd

I am an ovate (healer) with the Order of Bards Ovates and Druids. I am also a Celtic Reiki Master, a Certified Aromatherapist. I am looking forward to meeting you!

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