David WolfSong & Deb EarthSong

David Wolfsong & Deb Earthsong

David Wolfsong & Deb Earthsong
Have played in various cover and original bands in Ontario and BC
I’ve been playing guitar since age 10 and percussion (professionally for 2 years) since I could tap on a table.
This wild and wonderful couple are very busy performing and gracing the stages of both bars and pagan festivals, currently they play with several acoustic cover groups in Oshawa/Durham : Shayne Thomas and Friends, Tri-Pod, Shayne & Dave, The Double D Roadshow Duo & most recently IO-Magickal Musical Collective!
Over the many years of performing they have had the opportunity to co-create and back up with some very talented performers Including: Darren Smith, Shayne Thomas, Debbi Earthsong, Rikki LaCoste, Evelore Willosong (IO), Mike West, Tuatha Dea, Ginger Doss & Lynda Millard, John Tayles, Sacha, Melinda Hager, Cheryl Stiles … wow too many more to list.
Over the 8 years of PAGANFEST’s life we have been very lucky to have these amazing and diverse musicians grace our stages! We welcome them back with open arms and happy hearts. Our dear friends and Soul Tribe Family
Deb n Dave
Thursday 9pm
And Backup with Ginger Doss Friday 9pm
And Drumming 11ish with Rikki LaCosta n friends!


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