Danielle Lafontaine Joins us @Paganfest 2019

Danielle Lafontaine Joins us @Paganfest 2019!

Danielle Lafontaine is a Freelance Clothing Designer, Seamstress, Artist and is the Founder of “One Crafty Bitch”, her clothing design company. She is a self taught “chef/baker/cake decorator” whose passion for food began during her time in college where she received a diploma in Hotel Management and Hospitality at Trend College in Kelowna, BC in 1998. Her extensive experience includes Hotel Administration, Event Organization and Management, and 15 years of private catering for large groups, festivals and events.

She has worked with many large events like Firedance Drum Festival, Wiccanfest, Come Together Festival, Paganfest and Girl Guides Group Camps.

Danielle is a medical cannabis patient and her experience in working with cannabis cooking began in 2003, teaching private workshops and assisting with creating edibles for medical cannabis patients. The experience of working with cannabis in foods expanded her interest and led her to assisting pets with edible treats, including her own beloved dog “Bob Marley”. She began teaching publicly at Ladies Love Mary Jane Retreat in 2017, and she offers private infused dinner parties In Barrie, Ontario.

We are excited to welcome her as part of the panel of speakers at our Exclusive All About Cannabis Workshop!