Curtis Pelkey ~ Reiki Healer

Curtis Pelkey ~ Reiki Healer

In 2015 Curtis took his Reiki Healing Certification and is delighted to offer this ancient healing modality to you and your family, today. 

What is Reiki Healing?

It is a energetic healing modality using universal rays of light while passing it through the hands either “hands on” or in the vicinity of the health issue. This form of healing can also be done through distance healing just as effectively however Curtis is available most Mondays at our Downtown location. 

“I’ve been drawn to healing work since I was a young child. Having the adoration for crystals and minerals ever since day one. I was that kid out in the driveway picking out my favourite rocks. My connection to the Great Spirit was obvious since day 1 of my journey. It has been a life of loving support and guiding me so I can reach my potential I know I have. Three years ago I started Usui Reiki, and now have achieved level 2 certification. Keeping things as traditional as I can, but branching out to many different aspect, as all gifts and tools are all provided from Source, they welcome our use, especially to help others. I deal with Chakra Imbalances, mental clarity, stress, depression, anxiety, and minor physical ailments, much like burns or sprains, cuts, or even help with colds. Integrating crystals, with traditional Usui methods, I am confident I can get to the roots of you’re energetic problems”


Half Hour $20

Hour $40