Cedar Circle

Cedar Circle (men and woman welcome)  With Elders Ellen & Faye

Come sit with the elders of our community for some gentle healing and simple conversation about whatever organically feels right! While you sit and share women will be working with cedar being prepared for the sweat lodge on Monday the last day of the event!

Cedar is a woman’s medicine, and while men are welcome to join, it is a woman’s job to work with cedar! IMG_7382



In native traditions cedar is used for so many things, we can talk about the use of cedar both internally and externally!

Cedar represents the southern direction and is used to attract positive energy, feelings, emotions and balance. Its vitamin C content prevented scurvy when fruits and vegetables were unavailable during winter months, back in the day.



Cedar Medicine

Cedar is used for purifying & healing when used in a smudge, or often brewed into tea. Such a wonderful medicine for people with the flu, with an upset stomach, or vitamin C needs. Taking a cedar bath when u feel sad, lost, disconnected and need emotional healing, it is very useful for the spirit and truly helps us remove the harsh energy left behind in such times! A very helpful allie for those abused!

Cedar is a delightful tea if u have any bronchitis or other respiratory issues.  Just take a handful of cedar, put one palm sized leaf in a pot of 2 cups of water and boil. Add honey if u wish or just drink it as it is! Otherwise for a quick settling of emotions once its cooled abit take a washcloth and and wash with the tea broth, just let the water dry naturally without rinsing it off.

Cedar is best when it’s picked from nature as you need it! Wear a dress and always ask the woman to do the picking, be sure to choose green-tipped branches , listen when the tree says you have enough and always leave a tobacco offering and gratefulness.

In the Celtic traditions the tree was known as  “the tree of life” the oil of the tree being very useful in preserving skins!

Wednesday & Thursday 3pm at the Sacred Fire

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