Sweat Lodge

Our Sweat Lodge

Sweat Lodge  Friday September 30th 11am preparation 2pm [email protected]  first day of Samhain Celebrations ~ Tamare White-Wolf is the Medicine Woman Facilitating the Sweat Lodge . Why come to the Sweat Lodge? It is an opportunity to be reborn unto your true self, through prayers and letting go of things that no longer serve our highest […]

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The Witch Dance


The Witch Dance (Men are Witches too and welcome) We will be Performing the famous Wolfshager Hexenbrut, you gotta know the one as many of use have shared the below video on facebook everytime it goes around! There will be one practice round before our performance so everyone can participate! Saturday Oct 1st @11am However […]

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Schedule, LandMarks, Directions & Waiver

schedule cartoon

Waiver & Notifications MAP  Related PostsWeekly Psychic Prediction June 1-7-201662Weekly Psychic Prediction  June 1-7-2016 Seer Tamare White-Wolf   Love- bet it’s been a wee bit stressful with family or loved ones holding judgement and conflict towards you about something you likely can’t change or are unwilling to change. It’s not easy pleasing everyone now is […]

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Susun Weed The Medicine Chest Teachings At Paganfest


Susun Weed The Medicine Chest Teachings At Paganfest  Need directions Click MAP to 461 Penetanguishene Road. Barrie Ont. Canada Intensive and Exclusive Workshop The Medicine Chest; Part 1     July 16 10-2pm Nourishing herbal infusions are the mainstay of my herbal practice. But I travel with fast-acting tinctures. Take a peek into my medicine bag as […]

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Shield Making Workshop


Shield Making Workshop Course Prerequisite– Shamanism & Totem Animals The ancient art of shield making was initially used by indigenous cultures around the world, to be placed outside dwellings (teepee, wigwam) to identify energy to passing tribes. Honoring the totem animal allies in the shield shows great respect to those allies and in return the […]

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