Fest Vendors Are Always the Most Creative

The Park early one morn!

Fest Vendors Are Always the Most Creative We have seen some of the finest art and crafts from our local Pagan Artisans and to be totally honest I love to buy natural and nature made items created with the love of, those with ingenuity and the sight to see dual use in items and products […]

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Volunteers Always Appreciated, Always Needed!


Volunteers Always Appreciated, Always Needed!  We often need a few hands to help out at both our locations. Are you able to give us a hand up? We have been very fortunate over the past 20 years, as so many people have offered their hand at many of our events, activities and our shoppes, thank […]

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The Witch Dance


The Witch Dance (Men are Witches too and welcome) We will be Performing the famous Wolfshager Hexenbrut, you gotta know the one as many of use have shared the below video on facebook everytime it goes around! There will be one practice round before our performance so everyone can participate! Saturday Oct 1st @11am However […]

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30% Off SALE


 30% Off SALE Starting Monday August 22nd, All Glass Boxes, Dreamcatchers and God & Goddess Statues go on Sale…     Check out both of our shoppes, Earth and Sky Connection, “The ALTAR-Native Shoppe n of course our “Witchy Garden Shoppe, Shamanic Healing and Learning Centre”. Also the online store to save on these great […]

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Bear Medicine

bear smelling flower

Bear Medicine written by Seer Tamare White-Wolf Bears are more relaxed than u might think, introspective dreamers, curious, resourceful, playful, strong, prefer peaceful surroundings, protective n territorial! Often those that are healers, nurses, doctors, police, security officers, even artists will carry this majestic creature within! Those that have small families and are very protective of […]

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