Sweat Lodge SUNDAY 11AM

Our Sweat Lodge

Sweat Lodge SUNDAY 11AM  Tamare White-Wolf is the Medicine Woman Facilitating the Sweat Lodge . Why come to the Sweat Lodge? It is an opportunity to be reborn unto your true self, through prayers and letting go of things that no longer serve our highest good, we heal and recharge our souls and align with our […]

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Animal Speak ~ Listen so you can heal them!

horse healing

Animals Speak ~ Listen so you can heal them!    Rachel Graycliff is a professional Animal Communicator, Crisis Counsellor and Medical Intuitive.   When called to come talk with an animal she truly helps bridge the communication gap between animal and human. Rachel has helped to improve the quality of life for hundreds of animals […]

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The Magic Within ~ Healing Circle

song circle

The Magic Within ~ Healing Circle Alan Wade Author, Speaker, Coach  Alan is a professional Speaker and Coach, loving Father, family man, and the co-author of the award winning book, The Magic Within – How to Transform Your Life. Alan has years of experience working in the addictions and mental health field. He shares his […]

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Volunteers Always Appreciated, Always Needed!


Volunteers Always Appreciated, Always Needed!  We often need a few hands to help out at both our locations. Are you able to give us a hand up? We have been very fortunate over the past 20 years, as so many people have offered their hand at many of our events, activities and our shoppes, thank […]

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