Nominate Pagan Superheros, Honour Roll & Performing Artists

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Nominate Pagan Superheros, Honour Roll & Performing Artists NOMINATIONS PLEASE! This year at our annual Paganfest, July 13-18-2016 we of Canadian Pagan Spiritualists, Earth and Sky Connection and The Paganfest Series community would like to recognize our Pagan heros. In order to do so, we welcome all to nominate somebody from our community of unique and wonderful […]

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Schedule, LandMarks, Directions & Waiver

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Waiver & Notifications MAP  Related PostsVolunteers Always Appreciated, Always Needed!62Volunteers Always Appreciated, Always Needed!  We often need a few hands to help out at both our locations. Are you able to give us a hand up? We have been very fortunate over the past 20 years, as so many people have offered their hand at […]

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Susun Weed The Medicine Chest Teachings At Paganfest


Susun Weed The Medicine Chest Teachings At Paganfest  Need directions Click MAP to 461 Penetanguishene Road. Barrie Ont. Canada Intensive and Exclusive Workshop The Medicine Chest; Part 1     July 16 10-2pm Nourishing herbal infusions are the mainstay of my herbal practice. But I travel with fast-acting tinctures. Take a peek into my medicine bag as […]

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Dragon Ritual Drummers


Dragon Ritual Drummers Commonly and endearingly called DRD will be joining us at Paganfest July 13-18-2016 Dragon Ritual Drummers *Award winning, chart topping critically acclaimed drum troupe with a worldwide following, the Dragon Ritual Drummers are the #1 Pagan Drum Troupe on the planet! The Dragon Ritual Drummers offer a unique array of rhythms, music […]

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Welcoming, Contributors, Schedules & Menu

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Welcoming, Contributors, Schedules & Menu We want to thank you all for contributing and participating on our 8th Annual, 22nd Event of our PAGANFEST SERIES, these fests (3) enhance us all in some particular positive way, every skilled hand or mind and every volunteer makes this festival what it has become,  from the window washers, the toilet cleaners, […]

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Handfasting Ceremony

Tam Full  Ordained

Handfasting Ceremony Handfasting Ceremony, Join Tamare White-Wolf as she performs a legal Handfasting Wedding with a wonderful couple! Lughnasdah is a perfect time for such celebration as it honours the Sun God Lugh greatly! Ron and Sue welcome you all to witness them as they “Tie the Knot” and “Jump their Besom” into a new […]

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Tammie Whalen Buckler – Author of ‘VIBRATIONS – A Psychic Journey’.

Tam reading book

Tammie Whalen Buckler – Author of ‘VIBRATIONS – A Psychic Journey’. Tammie Whalen Buckler – Author of ‘VIBRATIONS – A Psychic Journey’. This profoundly illuminating book gives the reader a rare glimpse into the world of the ‘Unseen’. Through a captivating collection of memories, the author shares chilling true stories of psychic and paranormal events. She shares […]

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