Sweat Lodge SUNDAY 11AM

Our Sweat Lodge

Sweat Lodge SUNDAY 11AM  Tamare White-Wolf is the Medicine Woman Facilitating the Sweat Lodge . Why come to the Sweat Lodge? It is an opportunity to be reborn unto your true self, through prayers and letting go of things that no longer serve our highest good, we heal and recharge our souls and align with our […]

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Volunteers Always Appreciated, Always Needed!


Volunteers Always Appreciated, Always Needed!  We often need a few hands to help out at both our locations. Are you able to give us a hand up? We have been very fortunate over the past 20 years, as so many people have offered their hand at many of our events, activities and our shoppes, thank […]

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Schedule, Safety Waiver & Notification

schedule cartoon

Schedule, Safety Waiver & Notification We are ready to celebrate Halloween/Samhain Harvest in good ole Pagan style! Bring your mead, munchies, your best witchy outfits, warrior garb & join us as we close the pagan year out in the best way, with nature & loved ones!   musefest-schedule-2016 Related PostsAncestors Feast & Blessing64Ancestors Feast & […]

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The Witch Dance


The Witch Dance (Men are Witches too and welcome) We will be Performing the famous Wolfshager Hexenbrut, you gotta know the one as many of use have shared the below video on facebook everytime it goes around! There will be one practice round before our performance so everyone can participate! Saturday Oct 1st @11am However […]

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All My Relations


H. Mark Sorensen SELF-QUEST HEALING H. Mark Sorensen is a Gifted Inter-dimensional Telepath & Spiritual Channel for various Ascended beings of light, most notably the The Spiritual Hierarchy, the, Archturians, Pleiadians and Sirians, St Germaine, RaTa and the White Brotherhood, The Ancient Ones, Arch Angel Michael and many more! ALL OUR RELATIONS! OPENING OUR HEARTS […]

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