Animal Speak ~ Listen so you can heal them!

horse healing

Animals Speak ~ Listen so you can heal them!    Rachel Graycliff is a professional Animal Communicator, Crisis Counsellor and Medical Intuitive.   When called to come talk with an animal she truly helps bridge the communication gap between animal and human. Rachel has helped to improve the quality of life for hundreds of animals […]

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Wolf Medicine


Wolf Medicine Seer Tamare White-Wolf Wolf Medicine, The Healer, Pathfinder, Teacher & Leader! Those that carry the wolf are fiercely independent, blazing their own trails, question rules, have extreme loyalty, are very sensitive to the surroundings n planets, in particular the moon! Alignment with the moon makes them really good at revealing what is hidden […]

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Buffalo Medicine


Buffalo Medicine ~ Seer Tamare White-Wolf Buffalo Medicine is one of the strongest, fierce and confident energies! Due to its size and once abundant herds, humans have feasted on its nutrients for centuries until now sadly it’s much more of a delicacy! It is believed to be most associated to the elders, the wise ones, […]

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Dove Medicine


Dove Medicine Seer Tamare White-Wolf This morning I was privy to 7 Mourning Doves eating breakfast at my bird house ! How blessed Dove Medicine…ohhh the sound of a mourning dove is always such a welcome to my heart as it is a reminder of connecting within! Peace, love, hope, maternity n the holiest of […]

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Bear Medicine

bear smelling flower

Bear Medicine written by Seer Tamare White-Wolf Bears are more relaxed than u might think, introspective dreamers, curious, resourceful, playful, strong, prefer peaceful surroundings, protective n territorial! Often those that are healers, nurses, doctors, police, security officers, even artists will carry this majestic creature within! Those that have small families and are very protective of […]

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