Cast & Conjure

Cast & Conjure Monthly

With Seer Tamare White-Wolf & Associate Wise Ones

We welcome you to join us at Cast & Conjure Monthly, no matter your level of knowing n experience! Those with experience are welcome to share in the circle in exchange for the fee! Contact me for details!

Cast & Conjure Monthly for witchy medicine kinda people, ever wondered how we do it? When is the right time? What tools do you need? Are you doing it right? Did it work? Are you following the laws of the universe so it wont come back to haunt you?59876_1221018860840_400_300

Let us share with you the intimate details of how to cast a proper circle, what tools you need, What moon should be present while you create or banish! We will share with you some basic spells an incantations complete with herbs, crystals, oils & more for the most effective spell-crafting you likely have done thus far!

Join us monthly, nearest the full moon! As we learn about the Esbats and how each moon has its one energy and how we can best use it to make needed changes in your life! We will also align ourselfs during the 8 most important Sabbats of the year!


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Times and dates vary and will be listed here as we go.

The next one will be in honour of our coming Samhain (Halloween) October 31st 9pm-12am 

Which incidentally is the Pagan New Year Eves.

Please check back monthly for details and dates! Bless you all and see you soon! Much Love xoxo Tamare

Cast & Conjure Sessions

12 / 13 Esbats (Full Moon) 2 hour sessions $25

12 / 13 Dark Moon (New Moon) 2 hour sessions $25

8 Sabbats ( Lesser & Greater Celebrations ) 3 to 4 hour sessions $40


REGISTER HERE Esbat or New Moon $25 Pay Here

Sabbat Workshop $40 Pay here! Sabbat Payment

DIRECTIONS 461 Penetanguishene Rd Barrie




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    • As a matter of fact we do have these classes coming up again in Oct starting with Samhain (Halloween) Thursday Oct 31st at 9 pm to 11pm. To register please contact me at 705-739-7171 and leave your name and number. Look forward to seeing you!

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