Canadian Pagan Spiritualists

Who We Are

Canadian Pagan Spiritualists is an organization that promotes diversity and community through celebrating spiritual teachings, traditions, ceremonies from cultures all around the world. The organization began as a grassroots group of volunteers in Barrie, Ontario who coordinated and hosted the much loved PaganFest series of festivals.

The organization has grown to include artisans, performers, traditional teachers, healers, spiritualists and community members from all walks of life. In March 2015, the organization was registered a federal non-profit corporation.

Canadian Pagan Spiritualists now coordinates numerous services, workshops, activities and events. The organization is working towards applying for charitable status under the Canadian Income Tax Act through the Canada Revenue Agency over the next 2 years.

Our Mission

To advance and teach the spiritual teachings, traditions, ceremonies and culture associated with
earth-based, indigenous and pagan faiths.

Our Objectives

  1. To educate the public about earth-based, indigenous and pagan spiritual traditions and to promote
    collaboration amongst people of faith in order to foster the wellbeing of the whole community.
  2. To promote interfaith and multifaith dialogue and understanding
  3. To host special events including community celebrations, educational conferences and workshops.
  4. To provide ministry-based services including weddings, naming ceremonies, birthing ceremonies and funerals.

Our Services

  • Handfasting and Wedding Ceremonies
  • Commitment ceremonies
  • Birthing Ceremonies
  • Naming Ceremonies
  • Celebration of Life and Funeral Services

Our Educational Programming

  • Spiritual and Metaphysical Classes
  • Cultural Classes
  • Craft Classes (Hand Drum Making, Shield Making, etc.)
  • Monthly Open Ceremonies and Education Sessions on earth-based, indigenous and pagan faiths
  • In School Programming (on request)
  • Guest Lectures (community, high school and post-secondary institutions)

Our Festivals

The Heart of our organization is a series of festivals hosted just outside of Barrie. They are call the PaganFest Series. These festivals are hosted by our partner and sponsor Earth and Sky Connection on a beautiful seven acre property.

The PaganFest Series

  1. S.E.E.D. Fest (May 7, 2016) This one-day festival is held on the first weekend of May every year. The festival celebrates the planting seasons and Spring time traditions. It includes workshops, performances, vendors, camping and a seed exchange (for those who bring heirloom and traditional seeds).The festival shares the teachings of the Celtic and Pagan ceremonies of Beltaine, hosts a community maypole dance, a marriage to the land ceremony, handfasting ceremonies. It offers teachings about herbal medicines, the environment, gardening and wildcrafting, and more.
  2. PaganFest (July 13 – 18, 2016) This five-day festival is held during the 3rd weekend of July every year. The festival celebrates the first harvests of the year and summer time traditions. It features workshops, crafts, performances, vendors, camping, a community feast and more.The festival shares the teachings of the Celtic and Pagan ceremonies of Lughnasadh, hosts a community feast, handfasting and naming ceremonies. It offers teachings about spiritual traditions, sacred crafting traditions, cultural workshops, and more.
  3. MuseFest (October 1, 2016) This one-day festival is held during the first weekend of October every year. The festival celebrates the last harvests of the year and autumn time traditions. It features the arts including artisans, dance, music and more. The performances celebrate the bounty of the harvest and the wonderful year we are completing as we move towards winter. The day is filled with workshops, seminars, activites, ceremonies, crafts, vendors, camping and more.The festival shares the teachings of the Celtic and Pagan ceremonies of Samhain, and hosts various ceremonies. It offers teachings about spiritual traditions, sacred crafting, sacred arts (including art, music, dance, etc.), cultural workshops and more.

Our Board of Directors

  1. Tamare White-Wolf – Founding President
  2. J. Andrew Baker – Founding Treasurer
  3. Skylar Pink – Founding Secretary

Our Annual General Meeting

This year our annual general meeting will be held at the festival grounds (461 Penetanguishene Rd. Barrie) during S.E.E.D. Fest on May 7, 2016.

Become a Member

Memberships can purchased at each of our festivals during the year. The membership is valid from time of purchase until April 1 of the following year. A membership is not required to participate in any events or activities.

The cost of membership is $5 and provides you the following:

  • 1 vote at all general meetings of Canadian Pagan Spiritualists
  • A Quarterly newsletter sent to your email
  • Personal invitations via email to workshops, activities, festivals and events held by Canadian Pagan Spiritualists