Bloody Blue “Brigid” Wolf Moon Eclipse Spell

Bloody Blue “Brigid” Wolf Moon Eclipse Spell

This is an especially auspicious time for a ceremony or ritual, with this amazing lunar eclipse in full moon Leo energy, never seen in this century, actually 174 years to be exact.  A ceremony during this time is very helpful for anything that relates to completions or endings, leaving space for bringing in the new, the untried and the fantasized. Detaching from anything that has been slowing you down, taking over your mind, distracting you from your true destiny! In fact between now and the next 2 weeks while the moon is waning you need to let go of whatever isn’t serving you in the highest way! Be it people, place or thing, simply decide to let it go, and let the goddess …Do you have the faith? Can you feel the opportunities that will help you free yourself? No more conditioning will get in your way, you just need the gumption to believe this is as it should be!  Take care of unfinished business now!

This eclipse (Jan 31st) is so incredibly timed with Imbloc/Ground Hog Day, the promise of spring coming right inline with it (Feb 1st) and the blessings of the Celtic Sun Goddess Brigid. Lets not forget the day of romance coming soon after Valentines Day, some know the celebration Lupercalia, thus representing the moon and wolf! Simply perfect for any kind of ritual, ceremony and especially spell-casting!

Spell-Casting Ritual ~ with Shaman Witch Tamare White-Wolf

You will need white, red, orange, yellow, green and blue Candles, if you are familiar with Tarot Spells you can add tarot cards to the altar. Add the moon, sun, strength, star, the King of Swords and 6 of swords too, you can add some of the symbols and grains below along with gemstones of the same colours, in particular carnelian and repeat a spelled out prayer regarding your intentions (spell-casting)… let go of what u don’t want n request clearly what you do want. A great stone to let go with is eagle mountain onyx or rainbow obsidian. This moon experience is great for making big changes long sought after.

In Canada she (grandmother moon) will be visible in the western sky early morning. So face that direction, in the wiccan way it is the element of water we speak to here and in the native traditions in this area it is earth, both represent a letting go, and creation aspect too, so again our intentions are pumped up with all the synchronicity.

Please remember to invite the moon and Brigid to your sacred space, talking to her like a mother goddess and don’t you worry if you don’t get to the eclipsing moments as she is in her changes as the energy she casts is available to us for weeks to come! Change and abundance is upon us all.


Love, money, n health can be the focus however with it falling near Imbloc the goddess Brigid is upon us her gifts are:

Inspiration – poetry, creativity, prophecy, arts
Smithcraft – silversmith, blacksmiths, goldsmiths, crafts
Healing – healers, herbs, medicine, spiritual healing, fertility (crops, land, cattle, people)

Fire – flames, candle crown, hearth
Water – cauldron, springs, wells
Grain – Brigid wheels/cross, corn/oat sheaf Goddess effigy, Brigid’s Bed
Animals – white cow/red ears, wolf, snake, swan, vulture, rabbits
Talismans/Charms – Mirror to Underworld, Sun Wheel, Brigid’s Cross, the grail, flowers, hearts,

Foods & Herbs

Honey, maple syrup, sugar, milk, cream, butter, eggs, corn, bread, seeds, ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, angelica, basil, bay laurel, blackberry, celandine, coltsfoot, heather, iris, myrrh, tansy, violets, and all white or yellow flowers, lamb, pork, chicken, organ meats like the heart.

Example of what to say:

Blessed be the witch who sees the moon and the sparkling blanket she casts below. She changes into her true self as she lets go of all attachment including wealth. It’s a time for letting go, a time for true love of self.
Blessed be to the one who sees the blood blue moon in the western sky. Blessed be to those that feel her ebb and flow where no more attachments to antiquated thoughts or any other thing that unnaturally shapes our days. No man, no job, nor thought can say this is forever the only way.
I welcome in grandmother moon in her glory of a bloody blue Leo tune, I honour the fire goddess Brigid as Imbloc is upon us please castaway what doesn’t serve my highest good.
Making room for my deepest thoughts my deepest desires my true authentic being. Allow me to truly see the parts of me shadowed by the old ones. Allow me to bring about the strengths of the muses that the goddess offers. For me I prefer personal health as a gift from Brigid and grandmother moon, that is the change I wish to see taking form soon. I promise to do diligence and step forth with certainty and commitment with you at my back, my side and leading the way I will take a chance on me each and every day. Today I castaway the energy of the saboteur. Today a castaway all laziness and apathy. Today I castaway those habits that harm my body and soul. Today I castaway what doesn’t serve my highest good.

Thank you oh great one for helping me today and always and with the added vibration of the grandmother helping me reflect the truth of my being I know that I have the stamina to continue with my intentions to reach the destination of a healthy body.
I welcome in the change that I speak of above in my added wish, is that less and less pain will be the result of my daily efforts thank you!
So mote it be!
Include as many of the items listed above as you feel a connection to and create a feast food specifically for your ritual prayer. Invite those that you feel will support you in your efforts here and or those that also have a connection to the universe in this magical way.
Blessings, good luck and much love! ❤️

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