Black Friday Weekend EXTENDED until Nov 31st … 50% Off Sale

Black Friday Weekend EXTENDED until Nov 31st… 50% Off Sale

Black Friday Weekend EXTENDED until Nov 31st… 50% Off Sale ~ Here’s hoping u get a lot of your holiday gifts this coming few days, maybe take a walk in the downtown Barrie area and shop locally, as its about to go crazy in those shopping malls! Did you know more than 90% of our crafted items are created by those living in our area, as well we buy from those crafters and miners in other countries which help to ensure authenticity, quality and financially supports those communities too!

If you haven’t seen our silver & crystal gemstone bracelets, you must, they are absolutely breathtaking a great gift for your loved one…or yourself!  Our Essential Oils are plentiful, good time to stock up! If you didn’t now we have approximately 30 different banners and altar clothes/sarongs to choose from, many have gods, goddess’s and sigils from many cultures. All of our clothing is on sale too, some awesome tie die shirts, Braja dresses, cloaks, fashion blouses with Om symbols etc, even some awesome yoga, dance and sword play pants. Lastly we have all our paraffin candles on sale, Reiki candles complete with 5mls of essential oils, as well our goddess blend candles made with magic in mind and aligned with the correct moon for effectiveness!

Our Giveaway to assist you in enjoying the rest of the pre-season in peace n joy! Both Locations to serve u best!

Blessings to all and much love xoxo

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