Barrie Area Pagan Moot

Barrie Area Pagan Moot

Join us monthly for the Barrie Area Pagan Moot hosted by Canadian Pagan Spiritualists, Earth and Sky Connection & The Paganfest Series Coordinators.
Monthly meetings held in different areas of our community according to weather and who was passed the “wand” of facilitation. This gives everyone a chance to do it in their style!
The events will all share these 3 things in common:

Gathering monthly to discuss and share thoughts about the Sabbat/Esbat, and/or other pertinent topics.
Pot Luck Feast.
Approximately 3 hours monthly!
Make sure we have your name, email, number or that you are connected to our group so we can make sure to remind you.

Our hosts leading the group change monthly, as we pass the wand to interested, experienced and educated elders, priestess, priests, sages, and the like! Canadian Pagan Spiritualists decided this moot should be fluid and exciting, by having different examples of paganism and different folks leading. These unique expressions and connections to nature, he universe and ritual would be the most enlightening! This will give those pondering which pagan faith they feel a heart connection with to explore and learn before they make any long term commitments.

Isn’t it enough just to have finally come to the fact that you are pagan!

A small donation to help with rental payment would be appreciated.
Please bring a pot luck!
See you soon!
Contact us  @ Earth and Sky Connection 705-739-7171 or 705-739-0171 Facebook Group
Or connect with us on Facebook in our groups