Andrea White Owl~Partner

Andrea White Owl

Please welcome long time friend and over 20 year apprentice to Tamare White-Wolf as Andrea has partnered up with both Skylar and Tamare to operate this Barrie Earth and Sky Connection location as they move out west to create both an online and eventually an Earth and Sky Connection West!

Andrea White Owl has training in Shamanic Medicine Ways &  Crystal & Chakra Healing.

Andrea provides Psychic Crystal Readings, Chakra Teachings and Wise Woman Healing.

Andrea White Owl an empathic healer and has honed her skills through Shamanic and esoteric teachings.
A phenomenal woman of great insight and incredible talent that will help you see past your
challenges, get to the root of the issues and will help you open doors you may have thought were long

Andrea White Owl is a great dreamer and her relationship with Creator is strong and vibrant.

Andrea awaits your call so sh can help you creatively find solutions to challenges and obstacles.

Gemstone Crystal Readings $15 for 15 minutes or call 705-739-0171 to book an appointment!