Ambrella Celestial

Ambrella Celestial Psychic Consultant

Meet one of our Bilingual psychics she has many years experience and follows the teachings of her psychic mother. 

Hello I’m Ambrella Celestial and I want to welcome you in our chat room, may the cards speak loud and clear!
I am a 4th generation intuitive psychic and I have the ability to help people who are seeking for answers and to guide them towards their future…expanding their knowledge of their authentic self and to expand their visions about life itself.
My methods are quite simple: a regular deck of cards, for an overall view, Tarot cards for much more details and the last but not the least the Pendulum for quick responses. this is done in a calm ambiance that we’ll share in our chatroom, you and I.
Until we chat ,
I’m sending you positive waves which will lead you back to me,
Ambrella Celestial


Bonjour mes amis Francophone, il me fait plaisir de vous souhaiter la bienvenue dans notre chatroom. Je suis ici pour vous . pour ceux et celles qui veulent des réponses claires et précises. je suis une voyante intuitive de 4 ieme génération ainsi qu’amérindienne de Manouane Québec. Je possède l’abilitée d’aider les gens depuis un très jeune age, j’ai 30 ans d’expérience et vous aider voila ma motivation merci,

Ambrella Celestial

$30 per session per half hour