30 % off Store Wide Clearance Sale

30 % off Store Wide Clearance Sale

sale Sale SALE….We are at if again with everything in the shoppe on Sale! We both win here, because not only will you be able to benefit from this awesome giveaway during the festivities but we will not have to count these items when our Inventory needs to be done! So come on in and get some wonderfully spirited items before the things you have been eyeing have been chosen by another!

Come on Witchy ones, Shaman’s, Druid’s and Faeries too! Your welcome on my doorstep as always you know, its all about the love of the earth, as she is our mother and Sky father too! We gather in honour to celebrate ole YULE! The Sun is blessed and honours us too by peaking its light brighter for you! As the day nears the 21st and the wheel turns once again, we’ll be counting longer days as winter solstice comes n ends!

Tamare White -Wolf will be in all week to serve you and to help with ideas… much love and see you all soon!

If any of our customers have extra TIME on their hands and would care to volunteer during our inventory count, please let us know, we start January 2nd! Thanks in advance we really appreciate it! During the day I order in for all of us and afterwards, whoever is still standing. lol can join us all for dinner n a drink!

If you cant get out please check out our NEW ONLINE SHOPPING CART! We only need a few days turn around in order to get things to you before the 24th of December!